Journal #34 – BOMBA BOY


A new World War II style manga with a steampunk(?) spin from Monthly Gessan.

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Journal #20 – Catching up with Weeklies & Gessan, 100-Yen Ends


Been quite busy and  there was Golden Week in Japan where no weekly issues were released, so ended up neglecting this quite a bit. Still wasn’t planning on missing last week’s issue, so this is combines two week’s worth of Weekly Shounen Magazine and Shounen Sunday chapters.

My schedule is going to be a bit unstable for two more weeks, but I should be back on my regular pace once June arrives. Hoping to push out some bigger pieces during the summer (more on that at the end I’ll just make a separate post), so hopefully I’ll be able to deliver.

Oh, also 100-Yen ended recently.

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