Journal #18 – Chrono Magia

Sensou Gekijou (vol.3) and Peach Boy Riverside (vol.4)

Been a bit busy this week, so it’s a bit later than usual, but anyway….. new card game manga on Shounen Sunday, and the latest chapter of Peach Boy Riverside features a long-awaited character finally joining the story.

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[LastStop] Ojojojo END (ch.53)


Mostly Spoiler Free (nothing too detailed)

One of my favorite works by COOL Kyoushinsha, Ojojojo(おじょじょじょ) came to an end this week with the release of its 53rd chapter. The author has been working on 4+ series at the same time for a while, and he’s been getting more and more traction recently with the success of Kobayashi Maid Dragon, so it’s understandable that he starts working on wrapping up some of his works.

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