Journal #20 – Catching up with Weeklies & Gessan, 100-Yen Ends


Been quite busy and  there was Golden Week in Japan where no weekly issues were released, so ended up neglecting this quite a bit. Still wasn’t planning on missing last week’s issue, so this is combines two week’s worth of Weekly Shounen Magazine and Shounen Sunday chapters.

My schedule is going to be a bit unstable for two more weeks, but I should be back on my regular pace once June arrives. Hoping to push out some bigger pieces during the summer (more on that at the end I’ll just make a separate post), so hopefully I’ll be able to deliver.

Oh, also 100-Yen ended recently.

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Journal #19 – This Man & The World 5 minunte After

We have two new weekly series this week: one from Weekly Shounen Magazine by the artist of Bloody Monday, and the last of Shounen Sunday’s Spring new lineup by the mangaka of Mushibugyo.

Also, I believe the weekly magazines are on break next week cause it’s a holiday in Japan.

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[HiddenGem] Dokyo Boshi : the legend that was too ahead of its time

Cancellation” – the dreaded reality that all struggling series has to face when they fail to gather enough fans to keep going. Any avid manga reader that’s been reading around for a while will sooner or later run into a series that captivates their heart, only to find out that it got cut short by the axe hammer. It’s easy to find fans lamenting over the sudden end, and many get glorified for their “lost potential“.

While such conversations usually revolve around Shounen Jump series, there is one series from Shogakukan’s now-defunct seinen magazine, Young Sunday, that gets frequently cited by various mangaka and editors alike as one of the most unfortunate instance of a series getting cut short. It is the ambitious sci-fi astronaut manga by Yamada Yoshihiro from the year 2000: Dokyo Boshi (度胸星).

Image result for 度胸星
Shogakukan’s Original Volume Covers

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