Journal #24 – 2018 Summer Scavenge (Part I)

I’ve been in Japan for the past two weeks and I got a chance to go around different bookstores and manga cafes, checking out any manga that looked interesting and skimming through series promoted by each store.

It was a lot of fun, and I managed to find ten or so series that caught my attention solely from the cover art, and went ahead grabbed the first volume of each from ebookjapan.


The result was actually a lot better than I expected, and I was pleasantly surprised by most of them. A few of them had already been translated before, but most of them are pretty new and unknown from what I can tell.

I’ll be sharing my first impressions of these series solely based on their first volume split into two posts. Here are the first five six (I can’t count).

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[LastStop] Tokkou no Shima by Sato Shuho

The “kamikaze” tactic, the infamous suicide bombers of imperial Japan, is a well known public fact of WWII. But kamikaze wasn’t the only suicide tactic that Japan opted for in their desperate moments. As their eventual defeat became more and more apparent, Japan basked their hopes on one naval weapon to overturn the tides of war: the Kaiten (“Turn the Heavens“), a manned, suicide torpedo that trades one operator’s life for a whole battleship.


Tokkuo no Shima (Isle of Tokkou) by Sato Shuho is a story of one Kaiten pilot, Watanabe Yuzou, from his time as a troubled enlistee with doubts about the purpose of throwing away his life, to a determined solider, a lifeless instructor that lost his purpose, and finally a man of conviction that came to a realization as to what he is dying for.

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Jyumonji Ao (Grimgar) X Yanagino Kanata (Faraway Paladin) Creator Science Interview

This is a translation of Creator Science conversation between Jyumonji Ao (Grimgar) and Yanagino Kanata (Faraway Paladin) where they discuss their thoughts on each other’s works, their influences, current trends of the fantasy genre, etc.

Table of Contents:

  • General Thoughts on Grimgar and Faraway Paladin
  • Influences from Tabletop Role-Playing Games
  • Fantasy genre and the impact of “Narou” (Isekai)
  • Authentic Japanese Fantasy?

Jyumonji Ao‘s answers are in green, Yanagino Kanata‘s responses are in red.

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