Journal #7 – Valentine tweets and Akamatsu the Tsundere Mangaka

The weekly updates on WSS and WSM, the new series by the creator of Hayate the Combat Butler, as well as Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina, Negima)’s taking a friendly stab at his old friends.

Ah also, you can find a collection of various Valentine artworks by professional manga artists at the end.

Weekly Reads




  • Senryu Girl (c71) – Lead Cover & Color this issue. Series seems to be growing well, and a fine flashback chapter going deeper into their early encounter. That said, I wish we got to see more of Eiji’s character. (also this chapter is gonna be an absolute nightmare to translate 😥 )


  • Smile at the Runway (c35) – A long-awaited Chiyuki-centric chapter. (and perhaps an entire arc even). Really nice presentation overall, touching up on her struggles and it’s great to see how much she respects Tsumura-kun. Also the editor-chan is back.
  • Hoshino – wasn’t expecting our MC to feel so defeated after everything, but welp, it’s about time glasses girl to do one for the team.



  • Tenshi to Akuto (c151) – I guess it’s to be expected because how this manga has always been building up to be, but really like how soft and honest Akuto has developed over time (while still staying in character).


  • Komi-san – obligatory Komi-mom and Komi-dad flashback chapter.


  • Dagashi Kashi – the same-old, same old but with a Valentine. Would love to see the story progressing in some level, but at least Saya is still nice.


  • Major 2nd – 


Regular Follows

Back Street Girls – Why just stop at sex-changing your Yakuza boys into Idol girls when you could implant a horse dick onto one and make him a porn star. Things this writer comes up with is just unbelievable XD

New Pickups

Tonikaku Kawaii (She’s just so Cute) / Fly me to the Moon by Kenjiro Hata


A new manga by the author of Hayate the Combat Butler on Weekly Shounen Sunday. It’s about a boy named Nasawho hates his stupid name because it was named after NASA, and wants to be something “big” so he can claim to be better than it.


On one snowy day, while feeling great about acing his college prep exams, he finds his girl of his life who is just so cute. After a minor(?) truck accident and losing a few gallons of blood, he confesses and the girl accepts under the condition that they get married. And thus began the life of this strange, newly wed couple.

To be frank, it’s too early to tell how this series will go. It seems to be going for a light-comedy mood in the same vein as Hayate, and perhaps a more single couple-focused story than a harem type of story. I was fairly indifferent about Hayate, and the first chapter of this series looks a bit too similar to Hayate’s first chapter, but I guess it will depend more on the jokes and execution rather than the plot or the setup.


That said, Mako-san has already been satisfying my weekly girl-and-boy-living-under-the-same-roof type romance pretty well, so we’ll see if this has something else to offer.

Katte ni Kaizou Special Oneshot – Atarashii Chizu by Kumeta Kouji

Immediately following the new series by Hata, we get a special oneshot by none other than Kumeta Kouji, the author of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and also former mentor of Hata. As expected from the master of dark(?) comedy, the primary motivation of this oneshot is to talk critique the new series and talk smack about the Hayate-fans.


From making fun of the absurdity of the new series to even declaring “there’s no way losers that read Hayate can get married!!”, Kumeta doesn’t seem to care about holding back any punches. Guess this is his way of congratulating his former pupil.


Tweet Spotlight

And last but not least, we have our very own Ken Akamatsu (mangaka of Love Hina, Negima) playing his role on supporting(?) his friend Hata for the new serialization.

I went out and bought Sunday because of Hata-kun’s new series, but then I got ambushed by that Kumeta-bastard so I gave his name a taste of my punch.  (><)

It’s not I bought this because of you okay! It’s nothing like that!

Hata-kun is the type of person that “knows how to please his fans, and does it in a calculated manner.” So despite the impression you get from his art style, he is actually a very professional (competent) mangaka

His tweet from two days ago about his marriage was probably highly calculated. Asano-san (Hata’s newly wed wife) will be a great synergy and bring in good numbers. The new series was also full of with feel-good moments, so it looks very promising.

So basically, Hata releases a new series, Kumeta does a special oneshot poking fun at it, and the unsuspecting Akamatsu who bought Sunday just for Hata does his usual tsundere on Kumeta. Then drops a tidbit(?) on how the marriage announcement two days prior was probably a carefully calculated move by the sneaky Hata.

Kumeta and Akamatsu has a good history of friendly bickering that dates back a fair amount, with both authors openly parodying each other’s series in their own work. We didn’t get to see them interact for quite a while because they are both working on different magazines now, but it’s nice to see Akamatsu taking a stab at his old nemesis again.

Setsubun and Valentine Art Collection

And here is my collection of all the mangaka valentine tweets that popped up in my feed.


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