Journal #6 – Gessan and Shyo Shyo Rika


The march issue of  Gessan came out, and I decided to revisit a series from a while back.

Regular Follows

Gessna (March 2018)

  • Mix (ch.70) – I haven’t been following the series that closely, but damn did it still crack me up with the subtle jokes and 4th wall breaking. Never change Adachi, never change.
  • Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no uchi (ch.2) – It’s the new ninja-girl series from the mangaka of Takagi-san. Fun chapter, mostly the same as chapter 1. Hoping it won’t be just endless slice-of-life, but we’ll see. (Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the author is getting bored with Takagi-san :P)
  • Misoshiru de Kanpai (ch.31) – color page for the release of vol.5, so looks like the series is going well. Not too much happening on the chapter, but would like to see more of Yae’s big sister.

New Pickups

The Hero Girl and the Green Magician


It’s a new series on Gessan that was brought up on MangaHelpers forum and got scanlated by jag not long after. It’s a story of a green goblin(?), Grim, who has a dream of becoming a Dark Loard, but kept getting bullied by his fellow demons because he was weak and small.


One day he meets a young girl who turns out to be a hero, and ends up defeating the orcs with her. With the hero mistaking him for a human magician, Grim decides to use her to take down the Dark Lord and then become the Dark Lord himself.

It seems to have a lot of potential, and there’s definitely room for lot of interesting interactions with the premise of a goblin magician as a protagonist. The art and atmosphere really fits the fantasy very well, and looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Shout Out – Shyo Shyo Rika
Image result for しょしょりか

Shyo Shyo Rika by Takumi Uesugi is a story of Chlorophyll Rewrite (aka Phyll), a boy born with the divine tongue that can dissect every flavor it tastes down to the origins of its ingredients, as well as the thoughts and feelings of the cook. Because of his tongue that sees through everything, he developed a fear of eating and relies on medical pills to get his daily diet.

He enters a prestigious culinary academy as a transfer student, under the condition that he has to become the top student in all his classes. But for Phyll, grades are the least of his concern as he reunites with his old childhood friend, Antosiannie Eda (aka Sia), who is determined to fix his fear of eating no matter what.


A bit of a walk down the memory lane this time, this is a somewhat old series from back in 2003. For the young(?) readers, the premise will probably sound similar to Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars), and it does share lot of similarities, like an elite cooking academy, an all-knowing “God Tongue”, etc. However, unlike Shokugeki where you have people stripping whenever they taste food, in Shyo Shyo Rika, they throw you with a page of musical lyrics instead.

shyo_shyo_songAside from the lack of fan service, Shyo Shyo Rika is less about actual food and cooking, and more about the romance of the main couple and their daily school-life interactions with their friends.

The heroine, Sia, feels guilty about Phyll’s condition, because she was indirectly responsible for forcing Phyll to constantly get food poisoning from eating her poorly made homemade cooking when they were little. This drives her to constantly nag Phyll to eat her food everyday, and slowly but surely, Phyll becomes more and more accepting to her food, her affections, and also the friends and family surrounding them.


Sia is quite unique in that her default state is the emotionless and quiet, but her speech when she’s talking to Phyll is more of a tomboy. On top of that, the amount of self-sacrifice and care she shows for Phyll’s well being despite the uncertainty of her own future resulted in one of the most endearing heroine I have read.


Sia’s earnest efforts to atone for her mistake and save Phyll from slowly dying due to malnutrition, as well as Phyll’s gradual transformation from a cynical boy who was willing to give up on life to someone who is willing to devote his entire life for her is the greatest strength of the series.


While the series has a fairly old school art style and some awkward, shoujo-manga style paneling, the emotional bond and growth of the main cast culminates into a one enjoyable ride.




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