Journal #0 – Status Update & Future Plans


It’s been a few months since I posted on this blog, so I wanted to share what was going on, and my future plans for this place going forward.


Doing translator stuff took up too much time, and the blog posts were getting too big. Will be doing shorter regular journal posts moving forward.

On lack of updates…. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

There’s basically two reasons I’ve been neglecting this blog for so long… (well, kinda three if I count real-life stuff)

  1. Doing translator work for various projects
  2. Blog posts have become too big and time consuming.

I briefly(?) mentioned the first part in my Shinobu post, but I have been actively translating in the scanlation scene again, so most of my free time have been invested on that. It’s been a great couple months so far, but at the same time it does limit the number of series I can bring light to the scene as I can only work on a handful of series at a time without overloading my resources. (which was why I started this blog in the first place)

As for the second reason, my blog posts have been progressively getting bigger and bigger as time went on. My original intention of the “HiddenGem” or “Nostalgia” posts were to be a quick shoutout that briefly introduce the series and how I felt about it, but lot of the later ones have been much bigger than what I intended, making it lot more cumbersome to write.

And so, to have a fresh start and to get me into the habit of updating this place on a regular basis, I decided to start a journal series that keeps track of my general manga activity. I will still be doing the bigger “Hidden Gem” posts from time to time.


Going forward…

So this “manga journal” will basically sharing my usual manga-related activities. It will cover the following 9 topics, on a regular basis but not necessarily the equal amount. (Most journal entries will only cover a handful of the topics)

  • Weekly Reads – Comments on the latest chapters of the series I follow on weekly basis. It will largely involve series on Weekly Shounen Magazine and Shounen Sunday.
  • Regular Follows – This section will cover the monthlies, irregular releases, or series that I follow on a volume basis.
  • New Pickups – Briefly touch any new series I picked up.
  • Shout Out – A place where I give a shout out to a particular series that’s on my mind.
  • Translator’s Rumble – Anything related to my scanlation activity. Could be weird translation example or what I worked on that week.
  • Industry Report – Anything related to the state of the manga/anime industry. Sales reports or recent news.
  • Tweet Spotlight – I tend to follow a ton of mangaka and editors on twitter these days, so anything interesting that came up. (or just cool artworks too)
  • Community Activity – Whatever post or development that I found noteworthy on reddit or discord
  • Random Rant – Anything goes. A N Y T H I N G

My hope is that the Weekly Reads section will push me to write at least once a week, and hopefully more.

I’ll do my best to try and keep each entry as short as possible, so that the journal can be something I update frequently on a whim.



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