[News] Mizukami Satoshi’s new work begins next month! (June 30th)

The cult favorite Mizukami Satoshi (known for Lucifer and the Bisuit Hammer, Sengoku Youko, and Spirit Circle) just announced via twitter that his brand new work will begin serialization next month (June 30th) on Young King OURs:

His new series is titled “Nihonmatsu-shimai to Kizukuri Keikoku no Bouken”  (二本松兄妹と木造渓谷の冒険), which translates to: Adventures of Nihonmatsu siblings and Kizukuri Keikoku.

The brief synopsis on the preview page reads:

When ‘Nerine’ gets assaulted by mechanical sparrows on the night of a full moon, she is saved by a mysterious pair: a gloomy but polite and stingy ‘Yahiko’, and his hyper-active little sister ‘Yukio’ with the powers to manipulate snow. The Nihonmatsu siblings will take care of any supernatural beings, whether its by reasoning… or force?!

NOTE: ‘Nerine’ might be the alternative pronunciation of the name 渓谷 which I translated as “Keikoku” for the title above.

With the promo text:

Mizukami Satoshi’s classical Japanese-style fantasy battle full of swords, ice and money begins now!!

The series will start serialization on the August issue of the monthly seinen magazine, Young King OURs, which was also the home of two of his beloved works, Lucifer and the Bisuit Hammer and Spirit Circle. The August issue is set to go on sale on June 30th.

According to the magazine’s official twitter account, both Spirit Circle and Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer are getting another round of reprints of the tankobons. (looks like Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer are still selling!)


It’s been one year since Mizukami Satoshi wrapped up Spirit Circle, and it’s great to see him comeback so soon with another new series.

Here’s hoping THIS will be the one that finally gets him an anime 😦


3 thoughts on “[News] Mizukami Satoshi’s new work begins next month! (June 30th)

  1. Thanks for sharing this wondrous news! Heck, I love all of his works, with Spirit Circle being my favourite. I would love to see an Anime adaptation of all of his masterpieces though (Spirit Circle please).

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