[Newcomer] Akairo Crossroads by Hino Natsumi


Akairo Crossroads (あかいろ交差点) is a lighthearted school-life romance about timid but friendly highschooler Keita, trying to become better friends with his classmate Tamaki who has always been cold to him ever since they met on the first day of school. When Tamaki confesses that she can see the “red string of fate” and that the reason she tries to avoid is because he is her partner, Keita pledges they will always be “just friends”…..

Akairo Crossroads is a pretty straightforward rom-com with slight supernatural undertone. It’s a bit like a mix of Iris Zero in terms the heroine having a special “power”, but the character interaction between the main cast remind you of Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou.  The “red string of fate” is a common symbol used to signify that two people are fated for love. Although it’s an obvious clue that the two will end up being together, the series revolves around showing how the two develop a genuine friendship and act on their own free will.


Tamaki’s ability to see “red string of fate” isn’t a major plot point, but it is a feature that heavily defines her character and her interaction with others. Although she is not anti-social, it cause her to build a wall and try not to have intimate relationship with others, and seem to have had some trouble in the past. She tries to avoid Keita at first because she doesn’t want to be “forced into love” by the red string, but succumbs to Keita’s earnest effort to try to be friends, and we get to see her open up more as she learns to trust him.


While being intimidated by Tamaki’s hostility at first, Keita’s outgoing personality is what help drive the plot forward, and it’s refreshing to see a rom-com hero have such an active role.  Although he’s interest for Tamaki is purely platonic at first, he does start to show signs of romantic interest and even jealousy as the plot progresses.

The series quite light and not heavy on drama, but the likable cast make it enjoyable to read how the interaction between the two evolve.


Akairo Crossroads (あかいろ交差点) 

  • Author: Hino Natsumi
  • Genre: Romance, school-life
  • Serialized In: comic POOL (web chapters)
  • Status: Ongoing (Manga: ch.12+)   | Scanlation: NONE


3 thoughts on “[Newcomer] Akairo Crossroads by Hino Natsumi

  1. I just recently started reading this manga and I’m really loving it. Keita is the kind of protagonist I really love– not stoic, not over-the-top, not popular, not an outcast, just completely normal. This series has been adorable so far. Because it has not yet been scanlated, I don’t really have friends I can talk to about it, though.


    • Yeah, the premise is somewhat cliche, but Keita’s positivity is a nice factor and it synergizes well with the characters. I was sad that it went on break for a while, but I’m glad it’s back to regular monthly schedule.

      I’m definitely interested in how things develop moving on, and it has good potential to be something special.

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